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Mini Men Micro-Figure Value Set

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Micro Figures

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Micro-Figures (Mini Men)

Use your imagination and create your own story with this figure set containing 20 characters from Character Building, each with their own unique display base ! Invite all your friends over to battle, race, construct and explore with your miniatures!


This set includes 20 brilliant Minifigures. All of new variations. However one figure is a repaint of an H.M. Armed Forces Minifigure and another was later used for the Zombie Construction Worker.

Zombies, Football Players, Knights, and many more new versions of Character Building Minifigures.

The Figures are in their own license unlike the Doctor Who Minifigures, meaning they are personally made by Character Options (the makers of Character Building). This probably is why the price is lower than usual.

This set was exclusive to Tesco.

  • Astronaut (white)
  • Astronaut (red)
  • Race Car Driver (white with yellow helmet)
  • Race Car Driver (red with blue helmet)
  • Construction worker (yellow jacket and yellow trousers)
  • Construction worker (orange jacket and orange trousers)
  • Construction worker (orange jacket and blue trousers)
  • Soldier 1
  • Soldier 2
  • Special Ops 1
  • Special Ops 2
  • Footballer (blue 10)
  • Footballer (red 7)
  • Ninja (black, male)
  • Ninja (red, female)
  • Zombie (male)
  • Zombie (female)
  • Knight (red cloak)
  • Knight (blue cloak)
  • Knight (black cloak)