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Zhbbrd Zhbbrd 10 November 2019

Instructions for RAF FAST JET

Does anyone know where I can find the instruction for the RAF FAST JET, Army Challenger II Tank and the Merlin helicopter???

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Tiki Elite Tiki Elite 24 June 2013

Lite Brix

This month Character Options have released a new range of construction toys - Lite Brix.

Lite Brix contain multicoloured flashing LEDs that when placed together complete a circuit and illuminate.

There is a range for Boys featuring racing cars, helicopters, fire station and Jet Fighter. The Girls range includes a candy shop, fashion runway and sparkle station.

This range is already available in the US from Cra-Z-Art (in Target stores).

You can see The Brick Show review of one of the sets here

what do you think? 

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Tiki Elite Tiki Elite 5 June 2013

New Doctor Who figures - 11 more Doctors

Spotted over on The Doctor Who Site ( today, a picture of the new 11 Doctors set that will be released this autumn. 

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Tiki Elite Tiki Elite 30 May 2013

New COBI sets

As we know the Character Building sets are produced by/with the Polish company COBI. I was looking at their site and spotted several interesting items.

  • firstly, on their Scooby Doo page they have several exciting sets that have not been seen in the UK yet (or announced).
  • secondly - they have a range of sets based on the very popular Trash Pack toys.

I hope Character bring these to the UK soon.

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Tiki Elite Tiki Elite 30 March 2013

Sports Stars scores Kick Magazine deal

Character Options has inked a four-month deal with Kick Magazine.

The campaign for the Character Building Sports Stars football collection will include full-page features and a covermount of the micro figures across the magazine's 63,500 print run.

Further features and activities will continue over the next three monthly issues.

These will all aim to drive fans online to find out more about the Sports Stars collection, while also communicating the last weeks of the Golden Boot campaign where fans can win grass roots prizes such as training equipment and coaching sessions.

"Kick has the perfect target audience and by placing our figures as gifts on the Easter issue we have the opportunity of increasing our collector's base," said Mark Hunt, bra…

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Tiki Elite Tiki Elite 7 February 2013

Deadly 60 - Series 2

Here are some pictures of new Deadly 60 Micro Deadlies that you can expect to see soon in series 2 later this year.

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Tiki Elite Tiki Elite 23 January 2013

Sports Stars News - Manchester City coming

Following the launch of Character Building Sports Stars last Autumn, Character Options has announced that Manchester City Football Club is the latest Premiership team to join the line-up.

From July, Manchester City Football Club will be joining, with famous players such as Silva, Milner and Kompany turning constructable. Depicted in next Season’s 2013/2014 home and away kits, each figure’s head is 3D and digitally sculpted to ensure the mini-figures match their real-life counterparts and the player likeness is instantly recognisable to fans.

Mark Hunt, Character Options brand manager, commented: “We are delighted to be adding Manchester City Football Club to the collection. They are the current Premier League Champions and will be much sought…

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Tiki Elite Tiki Elite 22 January 2013

Toy Fair announcements

Since the awards were launched in 2009, over 150 toys have received a prestigious Best New Toys gong with UK company Character Options and Lego topping the chart with 12 awards each.This year Lego got another 3 awards and Character Options got another 2 awards (but sadly not for their Character Building products).

Character options previewed lots of new products on their stand. To Celebrate Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary there was lots of new products including many new 3.75" figures and playsets. a limited edition anniversary Dalek (in Union Jack flag design). New 5" figures. New talking Daleks. More Mashems. More sonic screwdrivers and even some classic scenes to use with action figures.

With regard to the Character building ranges there we…

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Tiki Elite Tiki Elite 13 January 2013

SALE now on - get Character Builder Bargains

Sale now on - some great bargains to grab if you're in the UK.

Character options own website has some good savings on H.M. Armed Forces packs. Looks for major discounts on Royal Navy Assault Rib, Army Quad Bike, RAF Reaper Aircraft & Remote Operator, Royal Navy 30MM Gun Crew Set and Army Air Defence Launcher.

Argos also have some great deals, especially their WOW sets - 2 Playsets and some mini figures and sometimes a multipack.

  • Deadly 60 Wow Set. £19.99
  • Doctor Who Wow Set. £19.99
  • H.M. Armed Forces Wow Set.  - Back to full price now Dr Tiki (talk) 15:20, January 19, 2013 (UTC)

get them while they last.

Dr Tiki (talk) 00:15, January 13, 2013 (UTC)

Update: on eBay now - Argos outlet is selling the exclusive Cybermen Collector packs at just £1.99! Dr…

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Tiki Elite Tiki Elite 9 January 2013

Mixing it up!

You probably came to this wiki because you collect a particular Character Building range, whether that's Doctor Who , Sports Stars, H.M. Armed Forces or any of the other licenses.

BUT, have you thought about swapping some parts over to create something unique?

Maybe you want to create your own dream team, so swap the head on your Wayne Rooney with one of Doctor Who's companions!

Want to spice up your Doctor Who adventure - then add some creature parts from Monsters Vs Zombies !

AND, if you come up with a really good creation - then post it here for others to appreciate.

Updated with pics: Dr Tiki (talk) 21:19, January 28, 2013 (UTC)

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Tiki Elite Tiki Elite 9 January 2013

My collection

So... you've seen my many edits on this wiki and may be wondering - does he collect everything!

well the short answer is no! BUT... I do have a wide range of interests.

My primary interest is actually Halo Mega Bloks ! but I like the Character Building ranges, especially the mini-figures!

I've been a Doctor Who fan for longer than I care to rember, and have probably forgotten more about Doctor Who than most people ever know. I still prefer the classic series over the modern series. I have every DVD released.

I'm particulary interested in the Monsters Vs Zombies figures, Doctor Who monsters, Navy Service, Buqz (mini-bugz) and Steve Backshall mini figures.

please leave a post on my talk page if you have some to sell or trade. Tiki Elite (talk) 15…

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Tiki Elite Tiki Elite 9 January 2013

What does this wiki need?

You can edit articles and upload pictures directly - but if you don't have the time - then send them to me (leave details on my Talk page ) and I'll do it.

  1. Pictures of missing Micro Figures
  2. Scans of boxes - front and back
  3. Scans of checklists, info sheets etc
  4. Item Numbers! Help us catalog the entire range.

If you are able to contribute, then great! We would love to see pictures of your collection.

It would be nice (my opinion) to set up a trading community.

It would be nice (my opinion) to post where sets and figures have been sighted, and of any special deals/price reductions you've seen.

Dr Tiki (talk) 23:34, January 9, 2013 (UTC)

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DWfan DWfan 5 March 2012


Hello world. Ive just been added as an admin.

Its suprisingly difficult editing a wiki. Well, not phisically, thats just me sitting and typing in my boxers. But it is difficult to edit and start new pages.

So I urge anyone who is reading this to start editing. it might be difficult, but its fun!

Doctor who charcters watching doctor who.

Doc: cringe, how embarrising!

Amy: cringe, how embarrising!

Rory: cringe, how embarrising!


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