Nest & Upgrade Kit - Bee

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Micro Figures

1 Bugz Warrior

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Construct-A Bugz

All Bugz need a habitat and with the addition of body armour and bigger, more impressive body parts the Nestz give you the perfect environment to prepare your Electronic Bugz for battle. Armour up! Use the different body parts to upgrade and customise your Bug; with pincers grabbing, scuttling claws and a swiping tail your new upgraded warrior will strike fear into the enemy. Mix and match components form each of the 4 Bugz and Nestz within the Construct-A Bugz universe to create over a 1,000 different combinations. The Nestz also gives you the perfect platform for attack, taking the battle to the next level! Simply mount your spring loaded bug cannon onto the tower and using you warrior micro-figure lock onto your target and fire!

Collect and combine Nestz to build a battle arena and arrange ultimate battles with your friends! There are 4 Nest playsets to collect: Wasp, Fly, Dragonfly, and Bee. Each playset includes 1 constructable nest, 1 warrior micro-figure and armour upgrades (1 head, 2 front claws and 1 tail end).

Please note to complete the battle arena you need a full set of six nests to fully enclose the circle. One supplied.