Rider & Weapon Set - Wasp Rider

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Micro Figures

1 Bugz Rider

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Construct-A Bugz

Constructable, fearsome warrior micro-figures equipped with riding saddles that attach to the Construct-A Bugz, they command and manoeuvre the Bugz into the battle arena to compete and clash against opposing forces. Armed and ready for action these warriors carry a firing cannon on a pivoting base which gives them pin-point accuracy, rotate the cannon lock onto your target and fire the missiles! The cannon is compatible within the whole Construct-a-Bugz universe, attach onto the bug itself creating a fully armoured battle bug or get an aerial advantage over your adversaries by attaching to the Nest tower and attack from above.

You can also take part in face-to-face combat by collecting multiple warriors and building your very own army of foot soldiers, clearing the path for your Electronic Battle Bugz. There are 4 Riderz to collect Wasp, Fly, Dragonfly, and Bee. Choose your side and let the battle of Good vs. Evil commence. Each fully articulated Bug Rider is constructed from 5 individual pieces and includes a spring loaded firing cannon and 4 missiles. One supplied.