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While NOT part of the Character Building range, these toys are fully compatable with other building blocks and can be combined to create interesting new builds.

Lite Brix are distributed in the UK by Character under License from Cra-Z-Art brands (their US creator) starting from July 2013.

Lite Brix Display

Lite Brix contain multicoloured flashing LEDs that when placed together complete a circuit and illuminate.

Lite Brix Lite Up Runway

Light UP 3D Toys from Character


The Boys range, called Lite Brix World features mainly robots, cars and planes.

CES preview - unknown set. Mobile Drone station?

CES preview.


The Girls range, called Sunset Island features doll figures and settings.

Lite Brix Girls are a group of young, smart, and creative girls who will run the world someday soon. For now, Ava with her spontaneous personality, has created a LiteUp Girls World in Sunset Island where all her friends; Harper, Kaylee, Madison, Briella & Sophia are allowed to come, share, and explore.



Lite Brix Boys

Lite Brix Boys from Character


Lite Brix Girls

Lite Brix Girls from Character


Lite Brix TV Commercial

Official Lite Brix TV Commercial (US version)


Lite Brix Extreme City Lights Review

The Brick Show review of Extreme City Lights set