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This range features classic Monsters and wide variety of Zombies. It is also unusual in that several of the Micro Figures are Glow in the Dark. The figures are fully compatible with other Character Building Micro Figures.

Monsters Vs Zombies is one of the ranges produced in partnership with COBI toys.

  • Note that Monsters Vs Zombies Micro Figures do not come with display bases/stands.

Blind BagsEdit

There are 12 highly detailed and fully articulated micro-figures each sealed within a secret bag.

Multi PacksEdit

Expand your Monster or Zombie army with these Multi Packs. Each pack includes 5 Micro Figures.



Monsters Vs Zombies - First Playsets released

Expand your ghoulish fun with these constructable Playsets. Each set also include Ghoulish Goo!

COBI toys have a more extensive range of playsets which we may see released by Character Building in the Future, some of which include:

  • Burial Chamber, Ghost Ship, House of Terrors, Vampire Castle, Wolfman's Lair, Graveyard and Blind Bags.

Official ViedosEdit

Here is an official Advert for the range.
Character Building Monsters Vs Zombies

Character Building Monsters Vs Zombies

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