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Sports Stars Series 1 Blind Bags
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Sports Stars

Build your own Character Building Sports Stars collection and challenge your friends to a game of fantasy table-top football. There are 12 micro-figures to collect featuring key players from the English Premier Leagues top teams including Liverpool F.C., Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea F.C. and Arsenal F.C. Each constructable Sports Stars player micro-figure is sealed within a secret bag so you don’t know which player you are going to get. Each pack includes one player micro-figure, either a ball or slider base and a collectors leaflet highlighting all the players available in the Series 1 collection. These fully articulated collectable micro-figures are represented in either their team’s 2012-2013 home or away kits. The heads are 3D and digitally sculpted to ensure the player likeness is instantly recognisable to all footy fans. 12 to collect.

  • Reina (uncommon)
  • Parker (common)
  • Torres (common)
  • Mata  (rare)
  • Wilshire (rare)
  • Suarez (common)
  • Bale (rare)
  • Szczesny (uncommon)
  • Terry (uncommon)
  • Sagna (uncommon)
  • Johnson (rare)
  • Van Der Vaart (uncommon)