London Toy Fair 2013

Best New Toys awards

Since the awards were launched in 2009, over 150 toys have received a prestigious Best New Toys gong with UK company Character Options and Lego topping the chart with 12 awards each.This year Lego got another 3 awards and Character Options got another 2 awards (but sadly not for their Character Building products).

New products for 2013

Character options previewed lots of new products on their stand. To Celebrate Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary there was lots of new products including many new 3.75" figures and playsets. a limited edition anniversary Dalek (in Union Jack flag design). New 5" figures. New talking Daleks. More Mashems. More sonic screwdrivers and even some classic scenes to use with action figures.

With regard to the Character building ranges there were new products on display for Deadly 60 , Scooby-Doo , Doctor Who and Monsters Vs. Zombies . Taking each of these in turn:

Deadly 60 sees many new Micro Dreadlies and also some new Steve Backshall figures. Micro Deadlies shown included Giant Anteater, Golden Eagle, White Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Komodo Dragon, Black Jaguar, Box Jellyfish, White Backed Vulture, Red Bellied Piranha, Eastern Diamondbacked Rattlesnake, African Elephant, Vampire Bat and Black (Kodiak?) Bear. The new Steve figures were Skier Steve and Deep Sea Diver Steve.
Scooby-Doo showed the already available figures and playsets plus a future Mystery Mansion playset.
Monsters Vs Zombies showed the impressive Ship of the Damned playset and the already available monster packs.

Looking at the various Character Building products side by side shows just how great the synergy between the ranges is. The Monsters Vs Zombies would work so well in some Scooby-Doo adventures.

Doctor Who had some very exciting previews. There is a new monster 5 pack which contains the open helmet Sontaran and Judoon first previewed in the Series 3 adverts. Another 5 pack celebrates the New York Weeping Angels episodes with the doctor, companions and an Angel. The last 5 pack shown contained 1 each of all 5 Progenitor Daleks. There will be a new 11 Doctors box set, but also an 11 Doctors blind bag series! Several playsets were also shown including a Giant Cyberman head, a new Tardis control room set and two mini sets. One mini set contains 3 cybermen and a speeder while the other contains 3 daleks (which looks to include the black dalek featured in Series 3 adverts) and Dalek Skimmer.

As already seen with early 2013 releases, Character Options are seem to be moving away from the old cardboard boxes towards plastic blister packs for the smaller figure sets.

00:26, January 23, 2013 (UTC)

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